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Are you tired of trying to keep everything and everyone together. Perhaps you don’t want to let anyone down, thinking that you need to be a source of strength, and not show your fear and vulnerability.

Inside, you doubt yourself. Overthinking  and over analysing everything you do. Trying to manage by overworking just to get on top of things. Using food, alcohol or social media distraction to comfort yourself in the process – and then blaming yourself for being weak.  

You  know its taking its toll on your health and wellbeing, but you tell yourself  that you’ll be fine when you have everything else under control.  Except it won’t. If its any compensation to you,  YOU ARE NOT ALONE and its not your fault.

I constantly hear versions of this story in my coaching practise. People wanting to overcome habits of perfectionism, needing control, over-achieving, self-sabotaging, and people pleasing.

I know these stories so well, because this too was my story. I know the stressful impact it had on me, trying to hide my struggles and not wanting people to see that I couldn’t cope. 

Thankfully I learned a completely new way to relate to myself  and that made a huge difference to my life. You too can change and create more calm and less stress in your life with the right mindset and some simple tools for living, and I would love to support and help you in that process. 

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Wellbeing Coach

Hi, my name is Helen McKillen and I am a Wellbeing Coach living in county Antrim, Northern Ireland. I am passionate about helping people get free from the stress and anxious thoughts that prevents them from experiencing peace of mind. 

I want to inspire you to prioritise your health and wellbeing, and to learn that you matter too.  When you are happy and contented within yourself you will become more resilient and capable of withstanding the difficulties and uncertainties that are all part of life.


Ways To Work With Me


Individual Coaching

This is an opportunity for you to make time to explore what might be getting in your way, holding you back, or keeping you stuck in thinking and behaviour patterns that are no longer helping you.


Group Coaching

Working with groups is a great opportunity for peer support and learning. I can facilitate one-off group sessions or they can be a series of sessions exploring different issues.


Customized Workshop

If you have a topic or issue that you would like explored in a training session then I can design a customized workshop  for your staff or group.

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