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Helen McKillen

 “I like to think of myself as a person who puts the light on for others . Helping them to discover parts of themselves  that  they have  hidden away, for fear that they aren’t  “good enough”.  I want them to see that when they let go of old conditioned thinking, they can begin to rewrite their story  and discover the huge potential they have available to create a more healthier and peaceful way of being in the world. 

It all started for me over 30years ago when I was stressed and anxious due to different personal struggles, as well as living with a family member who had a drinking problem.

After much distress and searching I was fortunate to find support in a self-help group for those affected by another persons drinking (Al-Anon). This was the safe and supportive environment I needed to share my feelings and fears. I no longer felt alone and isolated.

The experience had such a huge impact on every area of my life  that I stayed around Al-Anon for over 30years. Although I attended the meetings initially to help me cope with living with alcoholism, I realised the tools I learned could be applied in every area of  life.

As I sat in those meetings, I experienced not only my own personal transformation, but saw the resilience and strength people have to overcome chaotic and challenging circumstances when they have the right support and guidance.  What a gift!

It was the reason I decided to train as a coach over 15 years ago. I wanted to share and give back help and support to those who  find life challenging and stressful. Not just people affected by alcohol, but anyone who needs support and reassurance. I knew that others could benefit if they applied the same simple tools that I used  into all areas of their life.

My coaching and teaching is inspired by everything I have learned and experienced myself. I have moved from a mindset of fear and despair to a place of hope, wellbeing and a peaceful mind. I believe  when we have the right support and encouragement, anything is possible. 

Today, I know we all have the capacity for resilience and wellbeing. Sometimes we just need to know we are not alone. That there is someone who understands our fears, supports us in overcoming them, and helps us to to grow into our fullest potential.  

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